Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 12 - The Three Step Plan to Beat Bali Blues

Friday 1st March 2013

ADELAIDE Weather: (7:30am) 18 degrees | (3:00pm) 27 degrees | Sunny
ADELAIDE Petrol Price: 159.9 cents per litre OMG!!!

As usual, not much quality rest on the midnight flight home.  Even with the spare aisle seat, there is just not enough recline on the seats to be comfortable and you are always conscious of snoring or farting in your sleep so only doze.  Lights on as we prepare to land, wide awake now but with a massive sleep deprived headache.  Suddenly, we suffer the worst ever turbulance I have endured in a big plane - I FEEL ILL!  Deep breathing, bracing the seat in front, hot and clammy, considering pulling out the bag.  Finally, wheels touch the ground and I can't wait to escape the confinement.

Regardless of the mishap with our tickets/gates at Denpasar, we arrive to Adelaide about 15 minutes early.  Relatively quick escape to the front of the airport, detour via Duty Free to collect our pre-purchased goodies, first time using the "smart passport" option thing which worked no problem, however we still managed to be one of the last ones out of customs.  I don't know if this is because we are too honest, or simply buy way too many declarable items.  We made sure we packed well this time, so everything was easliy accessible, but still... The only items we lost were some coasters (not worth paying for treatment) bought from Biarritz, still in packaging that had some insects come out when the Customs Officer banged on the counter (at least we know what to do next time).  I was actually surprised the bamboo steamer Alex's wife purchased from the market for us was allowed in, but we made sure it was washed before we packed it.

Out the front, a quick phone call an Mum 1 and 2 are already at the drop zone to collect us and take us back home for a shower and nap before collecting Miss 7 from school - the most exciting thing about coming back home!  It's 2:30pm and we can't wait any longer.  Short drive to the school was quicker than the wait in the carpark.  With five minutes before the bell, we wander to her classroom and she spots us out the open door.  With total disregard to classroom ettiquite, she bounds out the door and flies into my arms, sobbing happy tears onto my shoulder.  Kisses all over, a wipe of her face, an embrace with dad and she's laughing away her tears back into class.  As bittersweet as it was going on this trip without her, that moment of reuniting makes the absence all the more worth it.

So... what now... well the household whiteboard has already been updated to show "359-ish days to Bali" and Miss 7 is helping with this count down.

And... the "Three Step Plan to Beat Bali Blues" is underway:

1. Re-read blog to assist with Trip Advisor Reviews

2. Submit Trip Advisor Reviews on visited properties and attractions

3. Commence planning for next Bali holiday!

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