Friday, 8 February 2013

10 sleeps

Well... officially kicked off my first ever "BLOG".  So many times I've wanted to capture every single little detail of our travel experiences and then desperately rack my brain to recall the details when I finally get around to creating our scrapbook of memories.

This trip to Bali we go without child; 2nd honeymoon most would say.  First major holiday in 10 years for just the two of us.  I am very excited, but bitter-sweet - whatever will we do without miss 7yo to fill in the blanks?  Which is why it is even more important to keep a journal of just how mummy and daddy can cope by themselves and share our fun and exciting times with daughter when we return and as we grow old.

So, I'll start by saying: NOT... LONG... NOW!!  Until I shut my eyes, we have 10 more sleeps.  A full evening of scanning TA and catching up on others' blogs has inspired me to do just that.  To be continued...

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