Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 2 – Breakfast alone

Weather: 28 degrees | cloudy | 78% humidity
Exchange: 9,690 Rupiah for $1AUD (Hotel) | 9,985 Rupiah = $1AUD (Street)
Many times throughout the night I stirred, but that could be due to early to bed from exhaustion, being in a strange place and of course hubby banging into the coffee table in the middle of the night didn’t help.
I was definitely wide awake before the Bali sun came up, but continued to doze until about 6:45am Bali time [I will refer to all times in Bali time now, but if you need to do the calculation, it is a 2.5 hour difference to Adelaide time].  Usual morning dawdle, boiled kettle and one more failed attempt to get Wi-Fi connected, we decide to head down for breakfast.  Hubby is feeling dodgy this morning (Bali Belly already?!  Can’t be), so sips on coffee while I happily taste test most things on offer.  Not a bad selection, but can’t smell the bacon – will definitely be reporting that on the guest survey card!  Hubby can’t stand the sight of my breakfast plate, so heads back to the room and leaves me to eat like a solo traveller... oh well.

I head back to the room, ward off housekeeping and listen to hubby snore while typing away.  Think I’ll head downstairs to Reception and see if they can get Wi-Fi sorted for me and change some money changed.  YAY – we have connection!  Just uploaded Day 1 blog.  Hubby feeling better, so getting organised to head into Legian to visit our amazing painter friend Julio and see if we can remember how to find Frenchs Leather to have Miss 7’s leather jacket made.
We managed to jump aboard the hotel shuttle bus to Legian beach, then walked Jl Padma Utara until we hit Jl Werkudara (I’ve spotted and recognise Hotel Jayakarta).  We head down the road (the right way), stop in at a local deli to buy water and bandaids – the new shoes I am wearing are really not doing their job – and there it is: FRENCHS LEATHER.  An order in for Miss 7’s leather Jacket (1 million Rp.) we try to find our way back to Jl Legian.  A little minute later we hit the intersection and I try to get my bearings (it’s funny how a year away can make everything seem upside down and inside out) and thankfully we are heading in the right direction because there he it is right across the road – JULIO.  We hand over a photo and decide to come back later to check out other options on the computer –this time we want an original Bali type painting.
By now it’s definitely lunch time, so we continue down Jl Legian and spot my favourite mosiac articles shop (I forget the name) and the shop owner remembers me!  We buy a gorgeous moziac hanging/spinning ornament and a surprise moziac wall hanging for Miss 7 (last year we had her name made).  A little further down is the 100% Genuine Fake Shop where we buy me some flip flops (Gecko?) and hubby a Von Zipper singlet (Rp.100,000).  We turn left down Jl Padma and settle on Moo Moo’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill for (late) lunch.  We order Nasi Campur, Moo’s Mixed Platter, a small Bintang and a Guava Juice (Total = Rp.150,000).

After lunch, we drop into a market stall next door to purchase Miss 7 a pair of RED hightop Converse sneakers.  The smallest we can get (and we’ve asked at a few different stalls) is a size 3 – might be a bit big, but she’ll soon grown into them.  He wanted to charge us Rp.350,000 but without a blink of the eye, we agreed on Rp.150,000.  We find Jl Sahadewa to the left and walk up and down until we find a side lane that takes us to Ketut’s Fixed Price shop.  A little confusing, but I think her shop is the “art market” one.  I buy a seahorse dangling ornament (Rp.30,000) and a small tree of life (Rp.70,000) before heading back to Jl. Padma, flagging down a Blue Bird and going back to the hotel.
Bathers on, we spend an hour in the pool where I take my own Vodka in a water bottle and add it to Lemonade ordered at the pool bar.  I then take up the hotel’s offer of a foot reflexology massage with 25% discount (Rp.90,750) and meet the loveliest Sumatran lady, Widia.  I enjoy the chat much more than the massage, although the massage was definitely soothing and relaxing.
It’s 7pm and hubby groans of hunger, so for convenience we decide to eat at Lotus Cafe (the Hotel restaurant – where we eat breakfast).  We order Gado-Gado (veggies & peanut sauce) to share, Mie Goreng, Iga Bakar (Grilled marinated beef spare ribs), 1 Banana Smoothie and 2 (large) Bintangs (Total=Rp.310,970).  Besides the construction going on in the close distance and the threat of something large and scary falling on top of us - the ground actually shook - the meal was nice.

Back to the room, time to upload blog and turn in for the night...
Biku Bali tomorrow – wonder what the cards have in store for me?

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  1. Should we hire a trailer for when we pick you up when you arrive home?
    Glad you're having a good time.